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Note: RBDigital is the new name for Zinio. The switchover began on June 27, 2017.  There will be a new RBDigital app and the name has changed, but the content remains the same.  If you are currently using the Zinio for Libraries app it will continue to work for the time being.  You will receive notifications within the app to switch over to the new app when it is available.  The instructions below will be updated when the new app is available.

Camden County Library offers access to more than 80 popular magazines that can be read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone through RBDigital, from Recorded Books.  Some titles we're offering include Better Homes and Gardens, Car & Driver, Seventeen, The Economist, The New Yorker,  and Newsweek.  All magazines offered are complete editions, with some including enhanced content such as audio and video. There is no waiting list and no need to return issues.

Go directly to the library's RBDigital website.

Instructions for Using RBDigital

When you read RB Digital magazines in your Internet browser you need to have web access.  If you would like to download the magazines so that you can read them offline later on, you will need to download the Zinio Reader 4 App.

The First Time You Use RBDigital | Getting to Your RBDigital Library | Notifications | RBDigital App for PC and Mac | On Your Mobile Device | On a Kindle Fire | Deleting Magazines | FAQs | Instructional Video

The First Time You Use RB Digital

You will need to create an account for the library magazine collection and the main Zinio website.  You must use the same email address for both accounts.

Start at the library's RB Digital site:  (This link will open in a new window so you can continue to refer to these instructions.)

Click on the "Create Account" button.

Create Zinio Library Account
Enter your library number and click the "Validate" button.
Enter your email address. Create a password and type it twice.  Enter your name.  Then click the "Create Account" button. Email and Password
You will get a message that your registration has been successful.  A message will be sent to your email address within a couple of minutes from "Your Library."  If you do not see an email check your junk mail folder.  Click the link in the email to activate your account. Account Creation Successful
You will be brought to a confirmation page.  Click on the link "Return to Login." Return to Zinio
Enter your email and password and click on the "Log In" button. Log in to Zinio
You will be taken to the Camden County Library RBDigital Website.  Here you can see the covers of all the magazines you can subscribe to.  Click on the cover of a magazine you want to read. Zinio Website
A new tab will open up for the main Zinio website.  The first time you visit you will be asked to register.  Enter your first name, last name, the same email address you used to register for the library's Zinio site, and a password, entered twice.  (We recommend you use the same password you used for your Camden County Library Zinio account. ) Click the "continue" button. Create Zinio Account
You'll be asked about your personal preferences if you would like recommendations.  You can click the "skip" button if you don't want to share your preferences. Personal Preferences
You will be brought to your Zinio library.  To begin reading, click on the cover of the magazine. Zinio's My Library

To return to the Camden County Library Zinio collection to choose another magazine to subscribe to, click on the "Return to Library Collection" tab at the top of the browser window.

Note: If your settings show one browser window at a time, check your browser icon for the ‘tiled’ windows and select between the Return to Library Collection or the Zinio ‘My Library/My Account’ tab.

If you do not have tabs you can use the right and left arrows next to the browser header to go back and forth between windows.

Getting to Your Zinio Library in a Browser 

To go to your Zinio library follow the library's Zinio link: .  Log in with your email address and password.

Log in to Library zinio site

A new tab will open up in your browser: "My Library | My Account | Zinio."



Zinio tabs
You will be on Camden County Library's Zinio page. CCLS Zinio page
To see the magazines you subscribe to, click on "Go to My Zinio Collection" in the top left corner. Go to My Zinio Collection link
If asked, log into your Zinio account with your email and password. Log in to Zinio website
You will be brought to your My Zinio collection.  Click on a magazine cover to begin reading. My Zinio

The Zinio Reader 4 App for and Macs

Use the Zinio Reader 4 App if you would like to be able to download your magazines and then read them offline later on.  In addition, while most magazines in our Zinio collection can be read in your browser, there are several titles that can only be read in the Zinio Reader 4 app due to restrictions by the publishers.  These magazines will have a circle graphic superimposed above it with the words "download Reader 4 to read." Click on the circle graphic to begin  downloading the app for your computer, or use one of the links below.

Download the Zinio App for the PC
Download the Zinio App for the Mac

On the next page click on the graphic "Click Here to Download Zinio Reader 4." Download Reader 4
Follow the prompts to install the file ZinioReader4.air Install Zinio Reader
You will need to sign in to Zinio. Use the email you used to register and the password you created.
You will be asked for your preferences.  Choose how often you want the reader to check for new publications, and if you want to auto-download magazine issues when they arrive.   Note: if you choose to auto-download, the magazines may take up a lot of space on your computer.  Choose to "manually select publications to download" to download one magazine at a time. Preferences

After you have indicated your preferences you will see the Zinio Reader 4 window with the magazines you have subscribed to.  Click on the arrow below the magazine cover to download the issue.  If there is an X below the cover it means the issue has already been downloaded.  Click on the X to delete the issue.

Don't see the magazine you subscribed to?  Check the date links on the left side.  The magazine you subscribed to in March may have come out in February and would appear when the "FEB" link was clicked.

When you have closed the reader and want to return, look in your programs for "Zinio Reader 4."

Zinio Reader for PC


When a new issue of a magazine you subscribed to is available, you will receive an email at the address you used to register for Zinio.

New issue notification

Reading on Mobile Devices

The Zinio Reader 4 app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook.  In addition, you can read Zinio magazines on most devices that have a browser with an Internet connection using the instructions above.  The app is just for reading the magazines.  In order to choose new magazines to subscribe to, you will need to use an Internet browser, either on your device or on another computer.  The procedure is the same as described above: go to, log in to the Camden County Library Zinio site, click on the magazine you want to subscribe to, log in to the main Zinio site, and click on the magazine cover.  The Zinio app will launch so you can download the magazine.

To download the app for iPhone and iPad, search the iTunes Store from your device.  For Android devices search the Google Play Store.  For the Blackberry App search Blackberry World.

You can also use these direct links:

Blackberry Playbook

The Kindle Fire app cannot always be found in the Kindle app store.  Use this alternate link if you cannot find the app using your Kindle. Kindle Fire

Installing the Zinio Reader 4 App on your Mobile Device

(screen captures from the iPad)

Search for "zinio" in your app store and then click on "Install."

Install Zinio App
You will see the message that Zinio contains age-restricted material.   While none of the material in the library's collection is age-restricted, the app is for all Zinio readers, so the message is required.  Click "OK." Age-restricted material
After the app has finished installing click "OPEN." Open Zinio
You will start at a welcome screen.  To close this screen, click on the X next to "CLOSE" in the bottom right corner. Welcome
The first page you say may be the main Zinio shopping page.  To see your magazines, click on "Read" (with the open book icon) at the bottom center of the page.  For smaller devices the word "Read" may not show.  In that case click on the open book icon. Main Zinio page
You will be asked to log in.  Click on the zinio icon. Log in
The Settings page will open.  Click on the blue "Sign In" button at the top right.  Then log in with the email address and password you created on the Zinio site when you subscribed to your magazine(s). Sign in

You will see your library.  To download a magazine to your device, click on the down arrow button.  The magazine will download and open up on the screen for you to read.

If you are reading on a small device you have the option to click on "Text" at the bottom of the screen.  You can then read the article as plain text without images or advertisements.

Download Issue

Removing Old Issues

Since the magazine issues will take up room on your computer or device, you may wish to delete issues when you are done reading them.  To do this click on the "Edit" link.  This link can be found at the top of the page, but may be in different locations for different devices.


For Mobile Devices: Click on the "REMOVE" link at the top and then click the X on any issue you would like to delete.  If you change your mind you can come back to this page, click the "RESTORE" link and click on the issue you want to redownload.

Click the "Done" link at the top of the page when you are done editing.


For the PC: Click on the "remove" graphic below the magazine cover.

Click the "Done" link at the top of the page when you are done editing.


Remove from PC

To restore a magazine you previously deleted, click on Edit.  In the vew dropdown menu select "my removed magazines."


Click on the "Restore" button below the magazine cover.

Note: to read old magazine issues that you have restored you will need to use the Zinio Reader 4 app.



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