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Periodic Table Pathfinder

Periodic Table Pathfinder

Periodic TableBooks you can take with you are in this number range:

When searching our catalog use these subjects:
Chemical Elements
Periodic Law

Helpful reference books:
Elements - Ref 546 Kna (Located at Voorhees)
History and Use of our Earth's Chemical Elements - Ref 546 Kre (Located at all CCL Libraries)
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology - Ref 503 McG (Located at Voorhees)

Suggested magazine and journal indexes:
Explora from Ebscohost
Discovering Collection

Provides history, basic information, uses, electron configuration and more.
 Provides basic information and good visual representation of the electronic configuration.

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodical Table resource
Information available on history, production, properties and uses for the elements.

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